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A family-owned and managed Sunshine Coast firm based in Maroochydore on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Harvesting Group Real Estate cares for landlords and tenants across South East Queensland, from the Gold Coast through to Gympie. 

We’ve been looking after landlords and their properties throughout South East Queensland and out to Mount Isa for the past 14 years. This experience means we understand the Coast’s rental market and local property trends, so landlords have high occupancy and a maximised return on investment.

Our experience in owning residential rental properties ourselves ensures we appreciate the importance of your investment: not only in today’s market… but we understand what it means for your future.

Before life on Coast, many years of living and working on the land showed us the benefits of having integrity. Harvesting Group Real Estate brings the farming analogy to life with this solid work ethic. 

We consider your investment property to be the seed you’ve sown, and we’ll carefully tend it so you can reap the rewards.

Harvesting Group Real Estate

“Peace of mind for Landlords and Tenants because your investment property is somebody’s home.”

In the rental property market, all involved parties are crucial to the industry’s sustainability. 

If landlords didn’t invest in housing, there’d be people without a roof overhead. And without tenants, rental properties are not viable investments.

Property management is the crucial link between the two, and at Harvesting Group, we’re committed to providing both landlords and tenants with personalised and honest service. We put people first.

Our Rental Guarantee

Rent will be paid in excess of a ten business day gap, between a tenancy ending and a new tenancy commencing. To qualify, the property is to meet the current rental market value. Also, no more than two strong applications are to be declined by the landlord. Of course the property must be habitable for a tenant.

Our Communication Guarantee

Our main focus is providing our clients with the utmost communication. We guarantee to respond to any emails received by a landlord at [email protected] between the hours of 9am – 2pm by the end of the same day. If we fail to do so, you will receive one month of free property management fees.

If you would like to speak to an experienced property manager on the Sunshine Coast, or anywhere in South East Queensland, then contact us to find out more today.

These are just the advanced properties commitment we make.

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